Smart Management System is an automatic coin change algoritm that provides you to change unstocked coins with stocked coins in an optimal way. So, Trink can use every coin to dispense with a smart way if you want.

Trink do not stop the transaction when coin stock is reduced. Trink just sounds an alarm to warn you about stock status and then keeps going to transactions until all coin stock to be finished off.

Smart Management System is a way to fit the coin usage, compatible with their depletion time, and provides you to customize Trink to be compatible with your POS characteristic. Trink can be programmed to use Smart Management System on a spesific coin type or types. You can use your whole coin stock efficiently and do not have to change all stock before all coins depleted.

According to your optional choice, Trink keeps going to coin dispensing process efficiently using stocked coins instead of any unstocked coins.